How to Clean Your Home Appliances

By Jennifer Parris

You’ve taken every effort to transform your kitchen into a beautiful hub for your family. After all, it’s probably the most popular room in the home and the place where everyone gathers. And that’s what can make it the grimiest, too. Learning how to clean your home appliances means your rooms will look beautiful, and it doesn’t need to take a ton of time. This guide will have your home appliances looking new in no time.


If you thought that your dishwasher stays perpetually clean while it washes your cups and plates, think again. Dishwashers get their fair share of build up, so you’ll need to set some time aside to clean it. Of course, you can always use disinfecting sprays to get it clean, but if you want to use natural ingredients, you can place a vinegar filled dishwasher-safe cup in the dishwasher, and run it on its longest setting. This should reduce the amount of grime and make wiping it down a breeze. 


All it takes is one plate of spaghetti and meatballs, and your microwave becomes a big mess. To get rid of stuck-on spills, heat water in a microwave-safe bowl until almost boiling. Then, remove the boiling water carefully and wipe down the loosened bits with a rag or cloth. 

Your Refrigerator

Deep cleaning your refrigerator can be time-consuming, which is why it’s a good idea to clean it a little bit every day. When it’s time for a major cleaning remove all the food from the fridge and toss anything that’s past its prime. Wipe down the shelves with a warm soapy solution. Be sure to wipe down the coils and swap out the water filter, too. As for the outside, use a soft cloth with either a stainless steel cleaner or mild dish soap and water solution to buff out any fingerprints, water marks, or spills.


The key to keeping your stove clean is wiping up spills the second they appear (or shortly thereafter, so you don’t burn yourself!) Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the burners. And for stuck-on stains, use a single-edged plastic scraper to try to remove them safely without scratching the surface. 


You definitely want to keep your oven clean to avoid a grease fire. If your oven doesn’t have a self-cleaning function, you can place a pan of water in a 225 degree oven. Let the bowl sit for 15 minutes, and turn off the oven. (Don’t open the door so that it stays nice and steamy inside!) Once the water in the pan has cooled, add some dish liquid and scrub the bottom and sides of the oven until it’s clean. 

Keeping your appliances clean makes your kitchen look beautiful and boosts their performance. And if you stay on top of it, cleaning can be a breeze.