How to Update Your Traditional Home with Woodbridge Furniture Collection by Tobi Fairley

Do you have inherited or collected furniture pieces? Just as you update your wardrobe, you can add new pieces to your home or home office to freshen it up or change it‘s look.

The new Woodbridge Furniture Collection, designed by Tobi Fairley, can be your update. It is neither too modern nor too transitional, making it a versatile and practical home decor choice. 

Combining a traditional look with a modern feel, this collection isn’t your grandmother’s furniture. It’s perfect for blending with treasured heirlooms, uniting any room with stylish and up-to-date looks.

image of elegant wooden desk with matching chair, glass chess set and items on top of desk

The Inspiration Behind Woodbridge Furniture’s New Collection

Designed to fit in seamlessly with traditional pieces, this collection strikes a perfect balance. When asked about the Woodbridge Furniture collection, Tobi stated, “We just wanted it to be an extension of the amazing things we’ve already been doing with Woodbridge for eight years now. It was time for some new pieces, so we kept that refined, slightly traditional look. A lot of people love that it looks very traditional, with wonderful brown tones and woodgrains, but we added a sleek styling and silhouette.”

Multipurpose Furniture for Modern Living

To address the challenges of small living spaces, they’ve created multipurpose pieces to adapt to various needs. For instance, a desk can double as a bedside table, or sit behind a sofa, designed with versatility in mind. Despite the trend towards less formal workspaces, Tobi emphasizes the desk’s multifaceted utility. “I use a desk all the time. This one is finished all the way around the back so it can float in a room. It has a drop-down keyboard tray, making it great for technology, a vanity, or just about anything.”

image of dark octagon wood ottoman with white upholstered top lid, person opens lid demonstrating storage inside ottoman

Smart Solutions for Small Spaces

Tobi’s focus on functionality extends to solutions for small spaces. “We did a new buffet piece that could be a media cabinet or a buffet. It has great fluting, brass inlay on the top and edges, offering beautiful detail while remaining sleek and simple. It’s perfect for any room, whether it’s the library, bedroom, or living room.”

Even the dining chairs are designed for versatility. “The dining chair is a little bit wider, so it could serve as an occasional chair if needed. I like to give designers options, ensuring our pieces can be used in various ways.”

Whether you’re looking to complement your antique furnishings or update your home decor with versatile furniture, this collection works with the furniture you currently have. Take a look at this new collection and see how these timeless pieces can update your home.

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