5 Things Every Bedroom Needs

By Jennifer Parris

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s the place where you retire at the end of the day seeking rest and relaxation. Even though your bed is probably one of the most important parts of the space, it isn’t the only thing that every bedroom needs. In fact, there are other elements that, when put together, can help you create the bedroom of your dreams–literally. 

A Sense of Style

At its core, a bedroom only has a few key pieces of furniture. You can design the bedroom of your dreams by incorporating a few key elements. The color you paint the walls will be the first factor in setting a tone for the space. Once you’ve decided on a style for your furniture, look for accessories that will go beautifully with your design. And above all, make sure that your bedroom feels like you by choosing personalized pieces (such as photographs or artwork) that make your room feel more intimate and reflect who you are. 

Look For Good Lighting

In terms of lighting, anything can really go in a bedroom. You might opt for an overhead light fixture, some beautiful lamps, or take advantage of additional light coming through your windows–or all of the above. So think about how you want light to work in your bedroom; do you want the room to feel serene and sunlit, or darker? That will determine what type of light sources you seek out, and will help match the mood that you want your bedroom to convey. 

Have A Realistic Floor Plan

More often than not, bedroom furniture can be big and bulky. (Think a bed, dressers, chests, etc.) And even though you might want to have all of those items in your bedroom, you should take into consideration the size of your bedroom first. After all, there’s nothing worse than ordering a beautiful king-size bed–and then only having a few inches of space on either side of the bed to walk around. Before making an investment in bedroom furniture, be sure to measure your room and then use those measurements to find furniture that will fit the space. That way, your bedroom won’t feel cramped or cluttered with furniture that’s too big for the space.

Get Proper Storage

Of all the areas in your home, your bedroom probably requires the most storage. Why? Well, when you have bedding, clothing, and other accessories all vying for the same limited space, you’ll need to know how to store them properly. That’s why you’ll need to look for ways in which you can add storage to your bedroom without making it a total eyesore. Depending on the height of your bed, you can always store some boxes underneath, or take advantage of every inch of your closet to keep out-of-season items tucked away. 

Find An Area Of Interest

Sure, your bed might be the star of the space, but there should always be another equally important design element to highlight in your bedroom. Maybe it’s a fire place, a gorgeous chandelier, or floor-to-ceiling windows. Look for something that makes your bedroom stand out from the rest. Then, highlight that feature so that it compliments (and doesn’t compete with) your bed. 

Although your bed is the most important part of your bedroom, make sure that the room incorporates all of these other key elements. That way, your bedroom will most likely become one of your  favorite rooms in your home.