7 Kids Room Storage Ideas

By Jennifer Parris

No matter how stylish you make your child’s bedroom, there’s one thing that’s going to make it messy each and every time: toys. It seems that toys seem to multiply overnight, and despite your best efforts, it can be almost impossible to contain the clutter. That’s why you’re going to need these 7 kids’ room storage ideas, so that you won’t trip over toys—and you’ll see the floor in your child’s room again.

Break Out The Boxes

Chances are, you probably have some open crates or boxes lying around your house. Instead of stacking them facing upwards, place them up against the wall with the open side facing out. Voila: instant cubbies. You can use them to store toys, dolls, or even serve as a bookshelf.

Use Hooks

If your child’s room looks like one big laundry hamper, you’re not alone. Instead of using hangers, why not try adding hooks to the wall? Then, your child can learn to hang up their things (think costumes, hoodies, or hats), on the walls. Not only will it give you extra space in your child’s drawers, but they’ll have easier access to their things—and ideally, be able to hang up their clothing more quickly.

Use Built-In Benches

Built-in benches can serve two purposes in your child’s room. First, it creates additional seating, (like under a window), but it also gives you more storage, too. You can use it to keep seasonal clothing out of sight, or store toys and other accessories in the closet. By having specific areas for your child’s stuff, they’ll learn where things go—and where they don’t.

Designate Zones

Part of the problem with keeping your child’s room tidy is that books, toys, and clothing might be everywhere. So creating zones within the room can make managing your child’s possessions much easier. For example, you might get an organizer for your child’s large toys, and shelves for smaller toys.  

Use A Bookcase

Of course, a bookcase can hold your child’s books, but why take up precious floor space in your kiddo’s room to do it? Instead, stick the bookcase in the closet, so that you can use it for storage—and close the closet door to keep it out of sight.

Find Floating Shelves

Sure, an entire shelving unit might be a bit too much for your child’s room. But you can still reap the benefits of shelving without losing floor space. How? Try floating shelves, which can display your child’s artwork or small toys that might have otherwise found a home all over their room.

Warm Up To Wicker

If you thought that wicker was just for outdoor furniture, think again. Wicker baskets have made a big comeback, and make an excellent option for storage. You can use them for long-term storage—or simply as a solution to quickly put away toys before bedtime.

If you’re looking for ways to corral the chaos in your kid’s room, you’ll need to find storage solutions that work. You can find some that offer functionality and are attractive as well, and maybe, just maybe, it will help entice your child to keep their room clean.