Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta Recipe

Serves two


3 chicken tenders

Pasta (any type, in the video we used Egg Pappardelle)

1 cup of mushrooms, sliced

1 clove of garlic, sliced

¼ cup scallions, sliced

2 tbsp of olive oil

Flour, enough to coat the chicken tenders

2 tbsp unsalted butter

½ lemon

¼ cup white wine

¼ cup chicken stock

Italian parsley, chopped (optional – for garnishing dish at the end)

Salt & pepper


  1. Heat a medium saucepan to high heat and add sliced mushrooms
  2. Cook mushrooms until browned
  3. Set aside mushrooms
  4. Coat the chicken tenders in flour (you can add salt and pepper to the flour for added flavor)
  5. Add olive oil to the saucepan and place the chicken tenders in the pan
  6. Cook the chicken 5-6 minutes
  7. Turn heat to medium low and add 1 tbsp of unsalted butter to the side of the pan
  8. Add sliced garlic and scallions to the melted butter
  9. Turn to low heat
  10. In a separate pot, boil water, add salt to the pot when boiling and start the pasta (cook time depends on pasta)
  11. In the saucepan, add juice of ½ lemon and ¼ cup white wine – reduce by 1/3.  
  12. Remove cooked chicken from the pan and set aside
  13. Add ¼ chicken stock to the saucepan and turn up to high heat
  14. Add mushrooms back to the saucepan and stir
  15. Add 1 tbsp of cold unsalted butter to the saucepan (break up butter and spread around pan) and reduce while shaking pan until sauce emulsifies and thickens
  16. Finish pasta and place on a plate
  17. Add chicken on top of pasta and add sauce on top of pasta and chicken
  18. Finish with a sprinkle of Italian parsley on top!