New Christian Lacroix Maison Collection Introduces Exotic Explosion of Luxurious Fabric

Iconic French fashion brand Christian Lacroix Maison has been making bold statements with explosive color for decades, influencing fashion in Paris and around the world. Their creative director Sacha Walckhoff has been the designer expanding the brand since 2010, moving Christian Lacroix Maison into exciting new areas of lifestyle design and home decor. 

Their latest luxury home collection unveiled at Paris Deco Off 2023 is no exception to Christian Lacroix Maison’s anticipated bold style, seamlessly blending wild elements with structured order. Sacha explains his creative process with us and his inspiration behind this luxuriously upbeat new collection.

The core idea behind the Inhotim Park collection was drawn from antique hair ribbons. These silk ribbons were worn in traditional costume by girls in the south of France where Christian grew up. Sacha took these ribbon elements and combined them with influences from the south of Brazil, resulting in a fusion of two distinct cultures. The outcome is a design that pays homage to the past while introducing something entirely new.

Sacha then shows us the Empuria print and his inspiration from ancient French palaces, rich in history, now in various states of disrepair. Here, nature reclaims its space, intertwining with remnants of grandeur. This new design is a recombination of the old into something new, displayed in cotton satin, velvet, and wool.

Drawn from the rich culture of southern European countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal, Empuria displays greenery and peaceful blue hues. The blue, in particular, holds a cultural significance, representing the sky and the Virgin Mary.

One of the most exotic and colorful segments of this new collection is NovAfrica and NovAfrica Sunrise. Sacha describes being transported to a dreamy version of Africa, not necessarily a real place but an amalgamation of experiences. He uses elements of baroque aesthetics with the warmth of the sun, the mesmerizing migration of birds, and the concept of new planets. NovAfrica signifies transformation, much like a supernova creating a new world—a familiar yet entirely new Africa.

Lacroix director describes how fabric design was inspired by the Southwest

Lastly, the collection takes us to a place somewhere south, perhaps Texas or New Mexico. Here, the landscape is clean and dominated by various cacti. This segment represents a modern twist on nature, distinct from the exotic themes seen elsewhere in the collection. The prints are influenced by the landscape, offering two colorways—one with serene blue and the other with a soft peach hue. 

Christian Lacroix Maison’s latest lifestyle collection combines historical, cultural, and natural elements to create something truly original. Whether it’s the fusion of silk ribbons, the exploration of decay and growth, or the dreamy visions of NovAfrica, this brand invites you to experience home design in a whole new light. Explore it for yourself and let your own interpretation of the designs take center stage because in the end, it’s what these pieces mean to you that truly matters.

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