Illuminate Your Home with Baobab Collection’s Glass Luxury Candles

Inspired by Africa’s majestic Baobab trees, Baobab Collection draws inspiration for their luxury candles from the iconic tree, renowned for its size and longevity. This luxury brand’s home decor line reflects these giant trees, making a big statement with their size and beauty.

A Big, Impressive Brand With a Beautiful Scent

Baobab Collection’s commitment to craftsmanship begins at home in Brussels, Belgium, where the materials are locally sourced from Italy, Portugal, Poland, and Romania. Glass vessels are then meticulously hand-blown by master glassblowers, hand-poured, and assembled in Brussels. They burn for a long time, up to 800 hours, depending on the size of the candle. Every detail is carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality candle.

image of giant handblown glass candles on 2 shelves, in metallic gold and silver colored vessels

A hallmark of the collection is the release of new vessel designs every six months, ensuring each candle is a new piece of art. Their commitment to limited pieces and variety makes the brand unique, offering home decor products different for each home.

In a conversation with Louis Balcaen, president of Baobab Collection, he emphasizes that “the vessels are reusable, and with a new design every six months, you’ll always have something unique and exclusive in your home.”

image of giant hand blown glass candle holders on shelves

We love seeing a home decor brand strive to create handcrafted products that are locally sourced. They have also now added a line of beautiful glass diffusers to their collection. 

The Baobab Collection will definitely capture attention in your home, with each glass candle telling a story of European artistry and craftsmanship. If you desire to make a big statement, take a look at these luxury candles.

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