How To Properly Make Your Bed

Some mornings just waking up and starting the day can feel like a herculean task. And, if you’re as tired and rumpled as the bed you’ve just risen from, turning right around and remaking the bed can seem like, well, just too much effort before that first cup of joe. 

Do you really need to plump up those pillows, straighten your bed linens and smooth that comforter? Well, that might depend on what you want to accomplish in the day ahead. Beyond the fact that your bed will appear more inviting when you finally head back to it tonight, studies have shown that making your bed each morning can put you in a mindset that can help make you more productive overall. Think of it as task-one on a checklist for a success-filled day.

What exactly constitutes a perfectly made bed is matter of personal preference. Take sheets for example. For some, wrinkled bed sheets are akin to walking out of the house wearing an un-pressed shirt. While we at advocate ironing sheets if you’re hosting houseguests, a lot of people find it an unnecessary and time-consuming task. Skip the work by simply taking sheets out of the dryer right away on wash day and putting them right back on the bed for a smooth (enough) look. Or, you can spritz already-clean sheets with a little water and pop them in the dryer for a few minutes to smooth out the wrinkles. Not quite as crisp as freshly ironed, but again, it’s entirely up to you.

THE GREAT DEBATE (Team Flat Sheet or Team Fitted Only)

A fitted sheet “fits” over the protective cover on your mattress and helps keep your mattress pad clean. (And yes, a mattress cover is a necessary element of a well-made bed because it protects your mattress from spills, and you from such nasties as dust mites and allergens).

For many, the next layer is a flat (or top) sheet. It used to be that a flat sheet was a given (which is why mass-produced sheets are typically sold in a set with one fitted and one flat). For the record, a top sheet is designed to help keep the comforter or blanket clean. Whether or not this layer is necessary is where the debate teams split, with many younger consumers considering adding a top sheet a wasted motion. team has some strong feelings on this subject, and though we’re willing to concede that this step boils down to personal preference, we will go on the record as saying that we think using a top sheet makes laundry day easier. Wet comforters and blankets are heavy, bulky, and often require commercial-size washers and a trip to the dry cleaner or laundromat for washing. In other words, you can keep comforters and blankets cleaner (and have to launder them less often) by using a top sheet. Plus, stripping a pair of sheets fits easily in any home washing machine.

Then there’s the fact that many top sheets have some type of embellishment or decoration that is meant to be folded over the edge of the comforter at the head of the bed for a finished look. Note: This means there is a right side and a wrong side to most top sheets. In order for the design to peek out over the comforter’s edge, the “right side” is placed face down on the mattress when making the bed. Keep it neat by centering the top sheet on the bed and smooth away any creases. Tuck the top sheet in at the bottom corners of the mattress. Want it to look professional photo-shoot ready?

Top It Right

There are so many choices when it comes to how you’ll cover your bed. Will you use a comforter, a quilt, a duvet, or a blanket? Whatever you choose, you’ll want to make sure that it matches the theme of the room. Center this top layer your mattress so that it’s not lopsided and pull it down so that you have room for your pillows at the top of the bed.  

Pick Your Pillows

If you thought that you only needed sleeping pillows to prop up your head at night, think again. For a totally polished look pillows can make all the difference. While the styles and combinations vary a simple way to make your bed stand out is by following this method: Place sleeping pillows up against your headboard. Stuffed European shams come next, then regular shams, and then throw (or accent) pillows. You might also want to place a bolster pillow to complete the look.

Add A Finishing Touch

Adding an extra blanket or throw folded at the bottom of your bed is a thoughtful move. It’s handy to have at arm’s length if you get chilly at night and want a little extra warmth. Again, keep it neat with a simple fold or, if you prefer, style your throw into a unique shape. Bed made!  Show us your results and comments by sending us a picture @thehomedotcom on Instagram.