How to Create an Accessible Home with Residential Elevators

Many people are thinking about aging in place, and an elevator might just be the perfect addition to your home. We spoke with Rhyse Boeneke at Residential Elevators, and he shared these valuable insights.

First, elevators are cost-effective. Contrary to popular belief, adding an elevator to your home isn’t as expensive as you might think. Residential Elevators works with architects to pre-plan and utilize existing space efficiently. With just a 5-by-5’ space, you can have a 15-square-foot elevator in your house! 

Residential Elevators offers two types of American-made custom elevators: traction and hydraulic systems. The traction system houses all mechanics at the top of the hoistway, while the hydraulic system requires a machine room. Their shop in North Florida specializes in custom designs, ensuring your elevator matches your desired aesthetic perfectly. Choose from various wood finishes, farmhouse styles, stainless steel panels, glass, and more!

Residential Elevators provides factory direct service in many markets nationwide. If you have an existing space like a basement with a bathroom and a closet above, they can install an elevator to make aging in place easier and more convenient.

Considering the rising costs of long-term care, investing in an elevator for your home can be a smart financial decision. It enables you to stay in your beloved home, maintaining your independence and accessibility for years to come. Talk about long-term cost savings!

If you’ve never thought about having an elevator in your home, now might be the time to explore this fantastic option.

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