Bathroom Design Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s a high traffic area that sees a lot of use. That’s why your bathroom design should be beautiful and welcoming when you come home at the end of the day. These five bathroom design ideas can make your bathroom feel luxurious and sophisticated, regardless of what your budget is.

Declutter Your Space

No matter how much you plan to invest in your bathroom, it’s not going to be beautiful if there’s a battle for counter space. So before you buy new lighting sconces or freshen up the room with new towels, it’s time to snag some boxes and begin the painful (but purposeful) act of decluttering. Start in one area first (like the medicine cabinet or underneath the sink) and remove everything. Decide what to donate, keep, or toss. Then slowly add back in items, ensuring that there’s a place for everything. There will probably be a big improvement in your bathroom already.

Designed by Jeanne Chung. Photography by Peter Christiansen Valli.

Place Some Plants

Believe it or not, greenery goes really well with a bathroom. But you’ll first need to purchase plants that have a high humidity tolerance, since it can get hot and humid in your space. Plants such as a spider plant, bamboo, orchid, or even a rose are all perfect plants to add to your bathroom. Not only will they give an added area of interest, but they’ll help purify the air, too.

Look to the Light

Let’s face it; there’s not a lot of furniture in a bathroom. That’s why every detail counts since it makes a major design impact on your overall aesthetic. And one of the biggest places you can make a statement is with your lighting choices. So figure out what style would work best with your bathroom, and how much light you really want in the space. You might opt for pretty vanity lighting, or even a small chandelier that uses a dimmer to match the mood you want to create.

Make It Neutral

Although you can create a bathroom with bursts of color, it’s sometimes a better idea to stick with neutrals. Why? Well, bathrooms tend to be among the smallest rooms in the home, and if you add in tons of color and competing design elements, it can quickly make the bathroom too busy. It won’t hurt to add in some color here and there, but stick with solids and neutral colors for things like wall color or rugs. 

Add Some Natural Elements

One way to modernize your bathroom is by adding natural elements into the space. For example, you may want to include live edge shelving or add decor that has an earthy vibe, like sand or shells. Including natural materials will give your space a calming vibe.

These five bathroom design ideas will make a big impact on your space but not such a big impact on your budget.