Ann Gish & The Met Collection: Luxury Linens Inspired by Art

Luxury isn’t just about materials; it’s an experience that engages the senses, and Ann Gish Luxury Linens has mastered the art of creating indulgent experiences for home goods enthusiasts. Their elegant collections are some of the most beautiful, exquisitely detailed bed linens and pillows in the world, and are made of 100% silk, cotton and linen.

Unveiling Ann Gish & The Met Collection

Ellen was excited to speak with Jane Gish, CEO of Ann Gish Luxury Linens at High Point Market to learn about the inspiration behind their award-winning collections based on their collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Luxury bedding inspired by ancient art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Jane shares that In 2021, Ann Gish Luxury Linens embarked on a remarkable journey with The Met, resulting in a collection that merges the worlds of interior design and timeless fine art. According to Jane Gish, the collaboration has been a continuous exploration since its inception, with new designs unveiled every six months. The process begins by immersing themselves in the vast archives of The Met, selecting pieces that resonate with the team.

Choosing What to Do, Not What Not to Do

Jane Gish emphasizes that the challenge lies not in finding inspiration but in narrowing down the choices. The awe-inspiring atmosphere of a museum, where 5000 years of human history converges, fuels their creativity. The selection process involves a careful curation of pieces that align with the mission of The Met, ensuring a harmonious blend of luxury and cultural significance.

Ann Gish luxury bedding collection based on ancient Chinese art in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

From Museum Artifacts to Luxury Linen Masterpieces

The design journey is an organic one for Ann Gish Luxury Linens. While themes and color palettes sometimes emerge, the guiding principle is simple: they choose what they like; what feels right. Whether a specific theme emerges or not, each piece is a reflection of the team’s passion and connection to the ancient artwork.

Jane Gish walks us through a few examples, highlighting the diversity within the Ann Gish & The Met Collection:

  • Winslow Homer Pillow: A 1-to-1 design, this piece brings a Winslow Homer painting to life on velvet, capturing the look of an oil painting.
  • Dowry Fabric: Inspired by an Egyptian Middle Kingdom Faience cup, this piece takes an interpretive approach, blending an OG pattern with the color palette of the original artifact.
  • Retortoli, Italian Glass Pattern: Drawing inspiration from an Italian glass piece, this design showcases the fusion of history and modern aesthetics.
  • Venezia Collection: Based on an actual room in The Met, recreating a Venetian palace, this collection embodies the timeless elegance of a bygone era.
  • Peruvian Feather Tunic: Inspired by a ceremonial pot, this vibrant and colorful piece reflects the ancient Peruvian culture in a modern context.
100% silk decorative pillow and bed coverings luxury fabric designer Ann Gish at High Point Market Fall 2023

As Jane Gish explains, the fascinating aspect of working with ancient objects is witnessing the inherently modern interpretations that emerge. Pieces like the Egyptian Faience Panel, dating back 4000 years, showcase a timeless thread of design that transcends the ages, proving that true luxury is, indeed, timeless.

Under the visionary leadership of Ann’s daughter Jane, Ann Gish Luxury Linens continues to redefine luxury by seamlessly blending fine art, history, and modern design.

Ann Gish & The Met Collection stand as a testament to their dedication to creating sensory-rich experiences for home design enthusiasts, allowing them to bring a piece of art history into their homes in the form of bed linens. As we await the next unveiling, we can only anticipate the discovery of new finery at the intersection of art history and design.

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