Textile Designer Liora Manné’s Colorful Fabrics Brighten Big Spaces

Ever felt frustrated by the limitations of textile sizes and colors? Meet Liora Manné, a textile designer and engineer who’s broken all the traditional rules. She creates stunning fabrics and rugs in unlimited sizes and colors. 

In our recent interview, Manné shared her journey from being a textile designer to the visionary behind Lamontage®, a groundbreaking process that feels like painting with fiber.

High Point Fall 2023 Liora Manné Showroom with textiles, fabrics, rugs, wall hangings

Manné’s motivation stemmed from a desire to break free from the standard textile norms. “I was frustrated by the limitation of the standard of textiles that have to deal with repeat size, a limited number of colors in a frame,” she explained. Her vision was clear: she wanted to create bold and beautiful fabrics, wall coverings and rugs that could adorn the whole house, from floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

Liora Manné demonstrates her Lamontage® needle-punching process by placing fiber on design

Her patented Lamontage® process is a testament to Manné’s innovative spirit. Using hundreds of shades of fiber, each feeling like a cotton puff, Manné and her team mix, blend, and play with the fibers to create a palette that serves as their paint. The needle-punch process, with tiny barbs entangling the fibers, acts as their paintbrush. The result? A mesmerizing Lamontage® rug or wall hanging with no limits to repeat size, making it ideal for covering entire spaces without wastage.

Manné highlighted the versatility of Lamontage® textiles in both residential and commercial settings. The anti-microbial, stain-resistant, and UV-treated properties make it perfect for home use, indoors, or even in a covered patio. 

Liona Manné Textile Art Installation in David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center

Commercially, Lamontage® has adorned the walls of prestigious venues like the Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center and the Sophy Hotel in Chicago. The textile not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves a functional purpose by absorbing sound, enhancing the acoustics of spaces like restaurants and halls.

What sets Lamontage® apart is not just the designs Manné has developed over the years but also the openness to collaboration. Designers can easily modify scale, color, or even introduce their own concepts, all of which Manné and her team seamlessly incorporate into the process. As an added eco-friendly touch, about 70% of their rugs are made from recycled materials.

Liora Manné’s Lamontage® is not just a textile; it’s a transformative experience, bringing art, innovation, and functionality into the very fabric of our homes and commercial spaces.

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