2022 Home Design Trends to Watch: Interior Designer Breegan Jane

As 2021 comes to a close, we’re taking inventory of what 2022 home design trends some of the most influential figures in the interior design industry are predicting. We caught up with LA-based designer, lifestyle influencer and television personality Breegan Jane about what trends she’s loving for 2022 – here’s what she had to say:

Textured neutrals will rise in popularity.

“I definitely see a rising trend when it comes to textured neutrals. And I get it! People think neutrals have to be boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • Neutrals provide the ability to always have a versatile design palette in your space.
  • They don’t clash with anything, and they work with practically any decor you use.
  • Neutral tones make a great base for casual, fun spaces, and they can also be used in more modern and even formal spaces.

I love that I can switch pops of color around my home as many times as I choose with no problem at all. Texture only adds another layer of beauty within the neutral aesthetic. The extra details are subtle, but they catch the eye and provide small but dynamic elements of luxury and refinement.”

Design that personifies nature will become prominent.

“I believe design that personifies nature is a direct result of the pandemic we all endured.”

  • Because we’re spending more time indoors, I see people wanting to create more calming, soothing spaces that mimic outdoors.
  • As far as colors, neutrals as well as shades of green, blue and other tones seen in nature will be more prevalent in home design.
  • I think neutrals and organic elements, again, will help connect to nature. With added foliage and greenery in the home, along with natural soundscapes, our homes will possess the best of nature’s offerings and the comfort of ‘home’ in the same space.”
  • The purpose of home will be redefined.

    “For 2022, I think we will all embrace our homes as so much more than the place we go after we leave work. The change in our lifestyles over the last two years has proven that we want — and need — our homes to work for us, as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing as much as possible. 

    That means our homes must completely satisfy us, from the way the space looks to the way it makes us feel. Our homes did double duty during the global pandemic. I wholeheartedly believe this next year will have us stepping into “redefine home” mode, maintaining luxury and elegance in the design, and doing so at various price points.”

    To learn more about Breegan Jane, check out her website and Instagram. Oh, and be on the lookout for more 2022 home design trends from interior designers on TheHome.com.