Try These DIY Bar Ideas for Your Next Party

When you host a party, it’s not uncommon to find that guests typically gravitate to the kitchen, a table in the corner or wherever the alcohol station is located. Not only does this cause guests to form clusters in small areas, but it also limits mingling to certain spaces of your home. The key to fixing the issue? Spread things out with DIY bar stations.

Here are a few DIY bar tips:

Put your bar in the middle of the living room. Instead of pushing a bar cart against the wall, consider moving it to the middle of your living room to draw people away from the corner. Fill your cart with booze, cups, mixers and garnishes, or set up a serving tray and place it on top of an ottoman or coffee table.

If you’d like to spread things out even more, consider putting different types of alcohol in different areas of the home so people don’t just stay in one place. If your beverages require a certain kind of glass – for example, martinis—the dining room may be a great spot to serve. Weather permitting, beer coolers can go outside.

For those choosing to serve coffee after a dinner party, you can set up another DIY bar for coffee in the living room as well for a self-serve coffee station. This promotes movement from the dining room to a more open space.

More tips and tricks for the hostess with the mostest:

  • If possible, hire a helping hand to clean up throughout the night. Yes, this is a true luxury, but when hosting a crowd of 20 or more, having someone around to take plates, refill the bar or collect dishes throughout the night can be a lifesaver. This is, of course, if the finances are there.
  • Unable to bring someone in? Ask a close friend to assist you with casually tidying up throughout the night. This allows you more time to mingle and makes all the difference after your guests head out.
  • Put trashcans or a recycling bin outside close to your beer coolers for the empties, and place little wastebaskets around your home so your guests can avoid the hunt.
  • Prep your lemons, limes, olives and more ahead of time. If the bar runs out, you can simply refill from a stash in the fridge rather than busting out a cutting board and knife.

Spreading out your serving stations not only prevents lines and clusters from forming, but it also gives you more freedom to be creative with your design and show off your unique style. Thirsty for more home ideas? Find more inspiration from The Home.