Where to Start When Renovating Your Home With Designer Christy Davis

South Carolina’s Christy Davis is an award winning designer who specializes in residential new construction and home remodeling. Christy is known for her classic designs with millennial flair.

TheHome.com CEO and Founder Ellen Gefen spoke with Christy about where to start when renovating your home, finding your design style, investment pieces, and more.

Getting Started with Your Home Renovation

In this video, Ellen and Christy get into the different ways of finding inspiration for when the home renovation bug strikes. Here are a few classic places to start your project:

  • Pinterest
    Pinterest may just be the definitive online place to go for ideas and inspiration
  • Paint Colors
    Start with neutrals or pastels, and build from there
  • Style
    Christy helps her clients define the style

During the course of the conversation, Christy goes on to reveal that when it comes to redesigning your living space, it is good to talk it through. For instance, there is often confusion over what style her clients want, so Christy may begin with a client who thinks they want modern farmhouse when in fact what they are after is contemporary. She acts as a sort of home and interior design muse to help her clients more accurately identify what it is they want out of their home renovation.

This is important work she does when you stop and consider the home is really an extension of each client’s personality. It is up to Christy to extract that essence from each new unique individual or couple she partners with.

Other topics covered during the course of the conversation include:

  • the kitchen
  • appliances (to cover with cabinet or not?)
  • hardware and plumbing color options
  • kitchen and dining room tables
  • Upholstery and fabric choices

Channeling Your Home Renovation Zen Master

Clients are driven to seek Christy’s expertise for passion projects and investments. Each has a different set of motivations and lean on Christy to help them make the best choices for their best desired outcome. Christy is able to help them navigate to the finish line, delicately treading scope creep and market saturation. She helps clients focus and make disciplined choices, sidestepping the sense of overwhelm that often results from too many options.

By the end of the process, her clients are all the better for it, especially the clients that get outside of their comfort zone and experience personal growth in the process.

Christy Davis Interiors is a full service interior design firm that specializes in residential and commercial new construction and remodeling throughout the Carolinas.