Pro Tips: Make Your Ceilings Appear Higher

By Jennifer Parris

Ceiling height isn’t something that you might think of when you’re touring potential homes. But once you start living in your space, you might feel like the ceiling is coming down on you, which isn’t ideal. That doesn’t mean that you have to move, though, and find a home that will give you the height you need. These pro tips can help make your ceilings appear way higher than they actually are. 

Hang Curtains Higher

Ideally, you would hang your curtains at the same level as of your windows. But if you want to create the idea of higher ceilings, you should place your curtains as high to the ceiling as possible. Not only will it give the illusion of larger windows, but it will make your ceiling height appear more enhanced, too. 

Pick Smaller Furniture

When you want your ceilings to look taller, you should think about the size of your furniture as well. Having smaller-sized furniture will automatically make your space look bigger, and in turn, your ceilings, too. After all, large furniture takes up a lot of space, and can make the room feel claustrophobic, which is not what you want when you’re trying to make the overall vibe of the room appear airy and grand. 

Seek Out Stripes

Here’s the funny thing about stripes. They can make things appear smaller (or bigger) depending on how you use them. In the case of low ceilings, using a vertical stripe can actually make your room look bigger. Your eye will automatically follow the flow of the stripe straight up to the ceiling, which in turn makes everything appear bigger–including your ceiling. 

Avoid Bulky Lighting Fixtures

Although you might have your heart set on a sumptuous chandelier, you might have to skip the swanky lighting feature if you have low ceilings. A chandelier (or any other large lighting fixture) is going to hang low and only draw attention to your ceiling height. So depending on which room you’re designing, you can opt for lamps or even recessed lighting, which doesn’t take up any space at all and provides the illumination you need. 

Make It Bright

By its very nature, a room with low ceilings isn’t going to let in as much light as, say, a room with taller ceilings and windows. That’s why you’re going to have to look for ways to make your space as bright as possible. Choose curtains that don’t block the natural sunlight. And add artificial illumination, like lamps and overhead lighting, that doesn’t make the room feel closed off and dark. If your room is light and bright, your low ceilings won’t be nearly as noticeable. 

Low ceilings can be a design challenge, but there are ways to give your space the height that it deserves. Using these style tips, your guests won’t even notice the height of your ceilings, and will only be focused on how beautiful your space really is.