How to Decorate Your Dining Room

By Jennifer Parris

When it comes down to it, your dining room really has one sole function: to serve as a spot where people can eat. But that doesn’t mean that your dining room has to be bland and boring. There are so many ways you can decorate your dining room that still stay true to its purpose, but bring an additional element of beauty and drama to the space. We’ve cherry picked some new ways to breathe life into the space (some classic, some trendy), but all will help make your meals in your dining room that much more memorable. 

Mix And Match Chairs

Who says that you have to stick with the chairs that came with your dining room set? For a completely new look, you can always re-upholster some of your existing chairs and mix and match them around the table. For example, wingback chairs can serve as host and hostess chairs for some serious sophistication. 

Create A Focal Point

If you thought that your dining room table was the showpiece of the space, think again. Look to your walls to create added visual interest in terms of a focal point. How? Well, you can do anything from painting a mural on the wall to even adding wallpaper to just one wall. Depending on the look you’re going for, it can be dramatic, serene, or glamorous. 

Strip Your Space

All too often, the dining room becomes a clutter catcher for everything in your home, like bookbags and mail. So in order to design the dining room of your dreams, you’re going to have to organize it first. Clear the clutter, and then be strategic about the items that you do decide to store in your space. As a rule, less is typically better. 

Highlight Its Best Features

Your dining room probably has something about it that already makes it beautiful. It might be an amazing view, a fireplace, or even some gorgeous crown molding. Be sure to make these features more pronounced by focusing on them in your design. So don’t clutter up your space with unnecessary items and let the beauty of the room take center stage. 

Factor In Your Family

When considering how you’re going to decorate your dining room, you first need to think of the people (i.e. your family) who will be seated around the table with you. So make sure that your table can accommodate the seating that will be necessary. You might find that opting for long benches on either side can help to fit everyone without making the space feel too snug. 

Add In Antiques

There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t use antiques in your dining room, especially if they match your design. From vintage chairs to a farmhouse table that’s been in your family for generations, using antiques can create a timeless look in your dining room that doesn’t make it seem too stuffy. 

Look To The Light

Your choice of lighting plays a very important role in how your dining room will look and feel.. You might want a classic chandelier, or some sconces to add additional illumination. Just be sure to hang your piece at the right height so that conversations around the table aren’t blocked by a bulky light source. 

Your dining room plays an important role in the overall flow and function of your home. Give it the design it deserves by making it a space where your family and friends love to gather.