Miele FashionMaster –
Perfect Ironing Results

Ellen Gefen caught up with Howie Steiner, Regional Manager of Miele at the Vegas Market to talk about the Miele FashionMaster ironing system. For perfect ironing results, this system is not only affordable, but easy to store and transport as well. You can learn more about this full steam ironing system at mieleusa.com.

Ellen Gefen: Talk with me about what’s different about this because it’s affordable but I know it’s got a lot of great features to it.

Howie Steiner: Absolutely. It’s not just an ironing board. This is a full steam ironing system.

Ellen Gefen: Love it.

Howie Steiner: Yeah. So there’s a reservoir on the opposite side here that you fill with water and this is a full steam generator that produces a tremendous amount of steam in the iron itself, but it’s not just
from here. The board itself is a full steam ironing system, meaning that there are fans built into
the base of the ironing board itself and air will come up through those fans if you’re ironing something that’s a little bit more delicate, say a silk blouse. What will happen is the air will raise this up and make this pocket of air, so it becomes very soft and gentle. So if you’ve got a silk blouse, if you’ve got
something maybe that’s a little bit more delicate in nature, you select that feature and will allow the air to flow up. Simple and easy. Now let’s say you’re ironing a men’s dress shirt or a pair of pants, then it goes in the opposite direction and the air gets pushed down through the board allowing you to iron something a little bit more sturdy and a little bit more durable as well. So it really gives you a full ironing effect whether it’s something soft and delicate or whether it’s a little bit more durable and a little bit more easy to iron in that regard. But it also comes with the steam wand as well. So the steam wand will connect directly into the appliance itself and then you can hang your garments up and you can steam directly off the board itself. So you get a full steam ironing system.

Ellen Gefen: And this is on rollers and it does collapse. Can you show us how it does that? Online where would I find it?

Howie Steiner: You can get it from mieleusa.com or you can get it at any independent
appliance dealer or vacuum dealer as well so vacuum dealers and appliance dealers throughout the country do sell the fashion mastery.