How To Use Kitchen Gadgets

This week on Ellen shares some of her favorite kitchen gadgets and utensils! Despite minimalism, and everything we love about it, there are just some kitchen tools that Ellen can’t live without (and we agree they’re some of the best!)

  • Egg slicer, one to make slices, and one that makes wedges -Egg slicers provide such ease and wonderful variety when you want the best presentation! A traditional egg slicer is so good for most applications, but a wedged egg slicer gives you nice big cuts of egg especially for salad lovers.
  • Grater, for grating parmesan cheese, or zesting fresh citrus Who doesn’t love fresh grated parmesan cheese in pastas, salads, or other delicious dishes. Ellen’s multi-use grater does the job for parmesan cheese, as well as fresh citrus. When citrus is in season there’s no better way to elevate your citrus based recipe with fresh zest!
  • Apple slicer with options for larger or smaller slices. A quick and easy go to for a nutritious snack
  • Mango slicer, and pit remover, especially in Summer when those mangos are fresh and ripe! Since a soft mango can be such a challenge to handle, and remove the pit without squishing it all to pieces, Ellen gets a lot of use out of this kitchen gadget.
  • Mixing bowl clamping egg separator Whether it’s pancakes, cookies, or some other delicious recipe, this super handy egg separator is so simple to use.
  • Ellen shares how useful a straight peeler can be, and all the various uses for her straight peeler. Remember, it’s important to keep your peeler sharp so you know how it’s going to cut each and every time!

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