How to Incorporate Biophilia into Your Home

When it comes to home trends, biophilia has remained a consistently popular interior design staple. Its name hints at its definition — “bio,” of course, meaning “life” and “-philia” translating to “a love of.” While biophilia does loosely translate to a love of life, its definition varies a bit when it comes to the word as a design trend. 

In our 2022 Design Trend series, designer Shannon Ggem predicted that biophilia will continue to rise in popularity this year. Designer Breegan Jane also forecasted “bringing the outside in” as a design trend, which is one part of its definition. Biophilia as a design principle means to bring elements of the outdoors insid. However, it also means design that focuses on health and wellness. 

Whether you’re looking to switch up your home’s look or choose to remain conscious of your health and wellbeing, here are a few ways to incorporate biophilia into your home:

Add some plants.

This one is simple. Plants increase the circulation of oxygen in your home. The green-hued chlorophyl in their leaves is suggested to boost one’s mood. 

Choose art that’s inspired by nature to incorporate biophilia.

From paintings of bodies of water to prints of the desert — choosing art that reflects the outdoors is another way to incorporate biophilia into your home. 

Be conscious of what’s in your home and how it’s made.

You probably don’t do a great deal of research behind how your appliances are manufactured or how your furniture is built, but being aware of what’s in your home, the impact it has on your health and the environment is considered bringing biophilia into your home. 

Invest in furniture made from sustainable materials.

Several companies specialize in furniture made from reclaimed wood, fabrics spun from sustainable fibers and so much more.

Bring biophilia in by designating spaces for taking care of your health.

Maybe to you, this is sprucing up your home gym or creating a “zen” space that’s just for you. Perhaps, promoting good health is installing a steam shower in your bathroom. Maybe, it’s just lighting candles and relaxing in the tub. No matter what route you choose, using biophilia in your dedicated wellness spaces ensures that you’re putting forth an effort to take care of your body and mind. 

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