How to Do Wine Storage As Art with Kessick Wine Cellars

Have you ever thought of wine as art? Elevate your wine storage and transform your own collection into a mesmerizing art display with Wine As Art! 

Kessick Wine Cellars has developed a way to display the beauty of your wine collection by showcasing them as exquisite works of art. With a diverse range of panels and holders, the possibilities are endless. Choose from eleven finishes consisting of six texture panels, three high gloss panels, or two elegant wood panels (white oak and walnut). Create a unique aesthetic that reflects your own personal style.

Wine bottle holders can be selected from sleek black, opulent gold, or timeless silver finishes. This allows you to customize your display with ‘neck out or ‘label view’ options. Additionally, consider combining two finishes for a captivating arrangement.

Beautiful Space Saving Solution to Wine Storage

Wine As Art offers versatile solutions to elevate any space, whether you have a dedicated wine cellar, a cozy closet, a stylish cabinet, or an empty spot on your wall. Sizes range from 14″ by 14” to a remarkable 42″ by 42” one-wall display. 

Not only does Wine As Art bring beauty and sophistication to your wine storage, they offer a great starting point for wine enthusiasts who dream of having a full wine cellar in their home. And if you’re looking for a custom wine cellar installation, Kessick Wine Cellars are the professionals to choose.

Showcase your unique wine collection and add a touch of artistic elegance to your home with Wine As Art! Visit them online at and start a captivating wine art journey that combines the pleasures of fine wine with the beauty of art. Cheers to celebrating the artistry of wine in your home!

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