Dunes and Duchess Wow with New Fabric-Wrapped Tabletops

Have you ever hesitated using a favorite tablecloth because you were afraid of staining it? Well, Dunes and Duchess has solved this problem with their brand new fabric-wrapped tabletops.

Michael Partenio and Stacy Kunstel, Owners of Dunes and Duchess, a New American Classics furniture and lighting company, have developed a brand new process that seals custom fabrics onto tabletops.

Custom Fabric Wrapped Table Tops and Furniture by Dunes and Duchess

The idea for these beautiful tabletops came about when a client approached Michael and asked if Dunes and Duchess could make a fabric tabletop based off old, cherished French wax tablecloths from years gone by. These were tablecloths they would have at their grandparents’ house, where they would enjoy great meals without worrying about staining. Something that could be used on a daily basis and accessible to everyone.

So Michael got to work, and after a few months of testing and trying different lacquers, shellacs, and other products, he perfected his process. They take their clients’ fabric and adhere it to a table, which is then sealed with a water-based sealer and polymer. After multiple coats they sand and press, perfecting a very durable and basically indestructible fabric tabletop. 

Indestructible fabric tabletop finish with custom fabric looks like marble

The end product looks almost like marble and comes with your choice of high gloss or matte finish, both having a beautiful, textural feel. Starting as a collaboration with Thibaut, these tables became a huge hit with designers wanting to bring special details to finished pieces.

How to Customize Your Own Fabric Tabletop

Customers can reach out to Dunes and Duchess and submit a sample to see if it will work with this process, as most fabrics do. Then they choose a table base and color to begin production of the table. It’s easy to coordinate the color of the base with the tones that are in the fabric to create a truly homogenous piece.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the practicality of Dunes and Duchess fabric tabletops cannot be overstated. No longer hesitate before using a favorite tablecloth. Invite the kids! Every day can become an opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine with a beautiful tabletop, no matter what life brings.

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