New Scot Meacham Wood Collection is Quiet and Pretty, Loud and Obnoxious

Renowned interior designer Scot Meacham Wood, celebrated for coining the phrase ‘Tartan is the New Black,’ is more than just a master of plaids. 

During a recent interview at High Point Market, Wood unveiled his new collection from Scot Meacham Wood Home. He describes it as “quiet and pretty, loud and obnoxious.” And we would agree.

He starts with the Beatrice Cottage Collection, part of the new offerings, adding the romance to beautiful linens. Next there’s authentic Highland Tartans woven in Scotland, which showcase traditional combinations and patterns. Floral designs inspired by his family’s antique blue transferware china add a layered touch. Scot collaborates with a skilled artist in the Northeast on a gorgeous crewel work pattern, enhancing this collection’s pairings.

A love for the equestrian world is evident in prints like Tally Ho and Kensington Dressage, hitting the perfect balance between quiet sophistication and bold exuberance. These prints bridge the gap between Kentucky and British horse country styles.

Scot Meacham Wood Textile Collection mixes old world tradition with tartans and new, bright florals

Scot Meacham Wood Artfully Mixes Old World Heritage with New, Bright Combinations

Exploring his Scottish roots, he draws inspiration from family heirlooms such as his grandmother’s Blue Willow china collection and his beloved tartans. Scot delights in blending diverse design elements together, reflecting his varied influences and background.

Originallly from Mississippi with a strong Scottish heritage, he mixes classic European elements with Southern charm for his signature look. A 13-year stint at Ralph Lauren also significantly influenced his design style, and he continues to infuse each project with bold patterns and textures.

This new collection reflects an exciting direction for Scot, blending old world tradition with fun and bright combinations. Scot Meacham Wood Home has masterfully brought heritage and contemporary aethetics together for a fantastic new look.

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