Carport Makeover Pt. 2- The Big Reveal

It’s here! The reveal of our Carport Makeover with @vlvdesign be sure to watch to the end to see the final result.

We met Victoria years ago when she was in college and are so proud of the incredible designer and business woman she has become. While this started as a design consultation, we love that this blossomed into a DIY project with a dear friend. Thank you for your time and love. Your energy is infectious!

In case you missed part one of the carport makeover:

In part one of our DIY carport makeover, we worked with Victoria to assess the situation at hand. As you can see, this carport was being used as more of a storage space for yard maintenance equipment and other excess debris. Victoria worked with us to clean everything out from the carport.

From there, we took inventory of the furniture and outdoor accessories purchased for the finished product. From DuraFlame heaters to weatherproof outdoor furniture, we’re outfitting the carport with anything and everything needed to set a warm and welcoming vibe.

We worked with Victoria to measure and create a map of the space. From there, we planned where each piece of furniture will go. In the part two of this DIY carport makeover, we’ll reveal the final result.

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