Brand Hul le Kes Brings Upcycling Fashion to the Forefront

Sjaak Hullekes of Hul le Kes shares his unique upcycling fashion approach at Heimtextil

Meet fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes of Hul le Kes in the Netherlands, who shares his unique upcycling fashion approach at Heimtextil. Having worked for commercial brands Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas, Sjaak wanted to stand out as a designer and developed a radical philosophy for his brand. He decided to only use recycled fabrics in his designs, embracing imperfection and natural dyes to create truly unique pieces.

Upcycling is defined as the act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function. Sjaak demonstrates his upcycling fashion process, sharing the natural materials he uses for dying such as madder, a root from the Netherlands, and bark from a tree in South America. By combining several materials in one “soup”, he achieves depth and character in the colors of his upcycled fabric clothing.

To create a personal touch, Hul le Kes reuses fabrics from sources like the Salvation Army, and includes a passport with each piece of clothing. This passport outlines who made it, where it’s from, what it’s made of, and what kind of natural dyes were used. Sjaak encourages people who wear his upcycling fashion to embrace imperfections and add their own character to the clothing, creating a unique story for each piece.

We learned new and exciting sustainable approaches to design at the Heimtextil Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. To learn more about Sjaak and his creative process and unique philosophy behind Hul le Kes, follow him on Instagram @Hul_le_Kes.

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