How to Shift to Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Industry

Caroline Till shares exciting possibilities of combining the wisdom of nature with technology and biomaterials to create a sustainable future for the textile industry.

At the Heimtextil Fair in Frankfurt, Caroline Till, co-founder of FranklinTill, emphasized the importance of textile industry sustainability and circularity. Her exhibit titled From Earth showcases the biological and technical cycles of textile design. It focused on the use of biomaterials and the combination of natural materials with technological innovation. The exhibit is divided into four themes: Make and Remake, Nature Engineered, Wisdom of Nature, and Continuous.

The Make and Remake exhibit explores using design to extend the life of textiles. Applying new colors and patterns rejuvenates textiles that have had a previous life. The Nature Engineered theme delves into the use of biomaterials with technological innovation. Discover alternative natural materials such as banana fibers and pineapple leaf fibers.

In From Earth, Till celebrates the Wisdom of Nature, highlighting the importance of appreciating the materials of the natural world. She encourages visitors to shift towards sustainable processes by learning from nature and utilizing closed-loop systems. Lastly, the Continuous theme explores textile material innovations that can be remade again and again without losing value in infinite cycles.

Overall, the From Earth exhibit shows exciting possibilities combining the wisdom of nature with technological innovation and biomaterials to create a more sustainable textile industry. You can find Caroline Till on Instagram @Franklintill to learn more about her important work.

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