Adjustable Bed Frames and Customizable Mattresses: Choose the Best Fit For You

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The Smart Mattress that Contours to Your Body & Responds to Voice Commands

You had us sold at 3D Wave Massage!

CEO, Spokeswoman and Creative Director Ellen Gefen interviewed Chelsi Mikowski, a product manager over at Reverie about mattresses with adjustable bases.

The Reverie DreamCell Mattress®

When you hear the words “adjustable mattress” or “adjustable base,” you’re probably thinking of hospital beds. Not the case any longer!

For those of us not tuned into the mattress world, apparently a lot has changed in the adjustable mattress arena.

Adjustable mattresses today have a lot more technology and Chelsi speaks about this mattress which is a smart mattress that can be adjusted in many different ways as your lifestyle changes. You can move around the “dream cells” to change the degree of firmness among four settings.

Chelsi uses the case of a woman who at first is a side sleeper and wants a soft setting. Maybe over time she gets pregnant and then requires a more firm setting.

These smart mattresses can be part of your total home package and synced with your virtual assistant to adjust the settings simply by voicing your commands. We think we need one of these in every home. Sleep hygiene is super important and these beds are:

  • hypoallergenic
  • dry-cleanable
  • anti-microbial
  • customizable for firmness (“rearrange the dream cells”)

Imagine a world where you can change your mattress depending on mood and activity (lounging, reading, sleeping, watching TV, etc.).

Ready to go beyond imagining and start shopping for a mattress?