How To Create A Couture Closet

By Ellen Gefen

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in the clothes you wear. So naturally you want to have a space where they can be stored properly and look beautiful, too. Thing is, most of our closets are crammed with stuff, making finding items almost impossible. However, there are ways to create a couture closet that doesn’t’ cost a lot of money and can make your clothes look gorgeous, too.

Closet envy is a real thing, but you don’t have to wish you had your best friend’s closet anymore. Inadequate closets can be transformed from nightmares to dreams-come-true in a weekend, thanks to simple prefabricated shelving and rack systems. However, if you’re a true fashionista, you’ll also find new closet renovation solutions that are as high-end and customized as the wardrobe that you’ll put in them.

Whether you’re a DIY maven or a diva, keep these closet design tips in mind.

Decide How Much Space You’ll Need

In order to create the closet of your dreams, you’ll first need to assess how much space you’re working with…and more importantly, how much square footage you’ll really need. You might find that you can create a couture closet that doesn’t have to be massive. So look at your existing closet to see how you can potentially transform it simply by switching up the layout. If you have the space (and the budget), you can remodel an adjacent bedroom for a covet-worthy closet. Depending on how much additional space you have, you might be able to section off part of your master bedroom and add in a luxurious closet just by adding a door and a single dividing wall.

Use Built-Ins

There’s nothing like having designer shoes scattered all over the floor to make your closet look like a mess. Give your shoe collection a happy home with custom shelving. Use drawer systems for ties, hats, intimates, and jewelry. It’s important to utilize all the space in your closet, because there might be more than you actually think there is. So look to your walls and use vertical space to store bulky items and off-season suits.

Figure Out Your Furniture

A couture closet definitely has furniture figured into the design. That’s why you should determine what kind of furniture you’d like to incorporate into your closet. You might opt for a beautiful bench, a chest or armoire for storage, and even an ironing board to keep tucked out of sight. Once you determine your must-haves, you’ll need to allow plenty of room in the closet for the furniture you need.

Create YOUR Closet

No two closets are alike, and as such, you’ll need to plan your couture closet accordingly. Design your new closet around your wardrobe rather than designing first and filling later. You may learn that you’ll need more space for boots or dresses than you originally intended. And keep in mind that men and women need different storage solutions – and sizes. So measure your longest garments, tallest boots, and any unique garments for both you and your partner before installing racks and shelving.

Look To The Light

Give special consideration to lighting. Incandescent bulbs can become too hot for small spaces, and natural light can cause fading. Use warm or white color LEDs in the space and protect garments from sun damage with shades, if there are windows or skylights in the design. Do some research to see which fabrics do well in various conditions so that all of your items will be cozy in your closet.

You don’t need to have a huge budget in order to have a couture closet. Look for ways to make your current space work for you, organize your items accordingly, and factor in your furniture design for a closet that everyone will that you’ll absolutely love.