Best Removable Wallpaper: Easy and Fun Design Idea

Applying wallpaper can be a daunting task. The process can be sticky, messy, and downright frustrating. Wallpaper can also be problematic. After all, that lovely rooster design that was once the hottest trend isn’t so popular anymore–and you’re stuck with it (literally). So it’s no wonder that people often hesitate to choose wallpaper as part of their home’s decor. That’s where Tempaper, a temporary wallpaper, can help you design your walls any way you wish without the mess, the hassle or the fear.

Tempaper is a self-adhesive, “peel and stick” temporary wallpaper that eliminates the need for paste or water. Simply remove its backing and adhere to a primed and painted surface. To remove Tempaper, you just peel it off the wall, much like a sticker. It comes off easily and doesn’t leave any holes or pull the paint from your walls, much like other wallpaper is prone to do.

If you thought that you’d only be able to use Tempaper in your living or dining room, think again. Since Tempaper is steam and moisture resistant, you can use it anywhere in your home, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It’s eco-friendly, too, and is free from harmful lead, VOCs, and other phthalates. It’s also made entirely in the U.S.A.

What’s also amazing about this product is the selection of trendy designs. It’s absolutely perfect for dorm rooms, rental properties, or homeowners who update the look of their home frequently. You can shop by colors, design (like animals, damask, metallics, etc), styles (such as industrial, art deco, classic, or even mid-century modern), and collections. Designers such as the Novogratzs, Cynthia Rowley, Bobby Berk, and Genevieve Gorder all have Tempaper collections to choose from.

A very interesting product offered by Tempaper is “Tempaper by You,” a blank wall canvas that is pretty much every parent’s dream. For example, you can put up a wall of “Tempaper by You” in your kid’s room and let them create their own magical kingdom by drawing a castle on their wall. It can be used with pens, pencils, markers, paint, crayons, or stickers. When they outgrow their design, you just peel off the wallpaper, and put up another blank canvas for them to decorate. It’s much easier than painting over a design that’s been drawn directly on the wall.

The sky’s the limit when you think of uses for Tempaper. If you’re living in an apartment or other rental property that prohibits wallpaper or even painting walls, you can apply “Tempaper by You” to the walls that you would like to paint, then paint the wallpaper. When you’re ready to move out, just peel the wallpaper off to reveal the original wall underneath. That way, you get the color you’re craving–and you won’t risk losing your security deposit!

In the near future, Tempaper will be rolling out custom designs for Tempaper. You’ll have the ability to simply upload your design file, and the company will print wallpaper that’s totally unique to your specifications.

So whether you decide to purchase a stock pattern, customize your own, or let your inner artiste create a masterpiece, you’ll love Tempaper.  And Tempaper lets you change your wallpaper as often as you wish.

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