Best Luxury Bath Trends of 2019

By Ellen Gefen

While we spend most of our interior design dollars on high-traffic rooms such as the kitchen or family room, it’s important to also invest in more intimate spaces. One part of the home that should get some extra TLC is the bathroom. Taking advantage of today’s luxury bath trends will allow you to indulge yourself every day. These tips can help you create your own private space for relaxation—and rejuvenation—and create a bathroom that is blissful and beautiful.

Try New Textures

Who says that your bathroom has to be bland? Texture is an important part of any design and incorporating it into your bathroom can break up the monotony of tiles on the walls and floor. Play up texture in the bathroom with chunky mosaics, natural stones, and other touchable surfaces. And if you like the look of your current design, you can always add texture in other ways, such as by adding rugs to the floor, or even eye-catching curtains and drapes as a wonderful window treatment.

Look for Lighting

Unlike other rooms in your home, you can really have fun with the lighting in your bathroom. It can be bright in the morning (when you’re getting ready for work), or dark and dramatic if you’re looking to take a deep sink into your tub at the end of the day. And don’t think you have to only stick to one type of lighting in your powder room. You might opt for a pretty overhead chandelier that works with a dimmer as your main source of light, and task lighting around your vanity to give you gorgeous cross illumination.

Soak Up the Shower

If you thought that you’d be stuck with just a standard stand-up shower as the only option in your bathroom, think again! Showers have become absolutely spa-worthy (and swoon-worthy), with jets that have multiple jets (overhead rainforest jet, anyone?) offering relaxation from almost every angle. You might even opt for a shower which functions as a sauna, or one that has a sensational steam installation.

Don’t Skip the Sinks and Countertops

Gone are the days of single sinks in a bathroom. Today, two sinks are a must for any master bath. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with different designs and counter spaces, since every item in your bathroom should be a stand-alone statement piece and something that you love.  While continuity can be crucial in a bathroom, (particularly smaller ones), look for sinks and countertops that match you and your spouse’s design tastes, storage needs, and above all, height differences. So be selfish and get your own sink. You (and your spouse) will be grateful that you did.

Add Artwork

Let’s say that you want to incorporate artwork into your bathroom. Humidity might damage your precious picture, so be sure that your artwork is made from archival materials. Adding a layer of varnish can also preserve your painting and be sure to protect your pics with frames that have glass or plexiglass. If possible, be sure to ventilate your bathroom, either by opening up a window or using the ventilation system to draw away moisture. That way, your artwork will look its best in your bathroom for years to come.

Be Sure to Accessorize

Sure, you want to make sure that your bathroom boasts a beautiful tub and/or shower. So, accessorize your space in a way that complements (and doesn’t clutter) your bathroom. You can add well-placed candles to add soft illumination, a pretty shower curtain, or even a small potted plant that can add beauty—and serenity—to your space. You might even want to have a basket that holds crisp clean bath towels to help complete the look and make your bathroom both functional and beautiful.