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Making Multi-Purpose Rooms Work for You

Kitchens aren’t just about cooking these days. In fact, they’re typically the largest and most multi-functional rooms in our homes. But even in the largest homes, kitchens aren’t the only multipurpose rooms. We all have favorite spaces and unique requirements for our homes, whether they’re tight on space or huge. How do you make multi-use spaces in your home work for you, not against you?

Pay close attention to how your rooms are used and how your family interacts.
If your kids constantly complain when you use your treadmill while they’re trying to watch t.v., either the t.v. or the treadmill is in the wrong location! If your den is a common family spot, spend a little extra time and effort getting everyone’s buy-in before you make any changes.

Don’t get stuck believing that “Bedroom #3” has to be a bedroom.
It can become a sitting room…or a closet…or a gym. Your dining room can become a home office if you never use it as a dining room. My sister-in-law actually transformed a bedroom into a large closet and laundry room – and she loves it!

Remember that multipurpose rooms aren’t just about furniture, but about ease of use and mobility.
If your home office is in the guest bedroom, what do you do when your mother-in-law is visiting? I’ve seen a great storage piece that looks like an ottoman when it’s closed, but transforms into a desk when open…and it has wheels so it can easily be moved out of the guest room when visitors arrive.

Give yourself permission to think outside of the real estate listing box. Rooms are just boxes of space – be creative about making them work for you.

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