Indoor Plants that Spark Joy

By Mona Freund

Whether you live in an industrial loft, a Scandinavian home or a farmhouse, plants are the perfect decor elements to brighten any space. Besides adding a touch of color, indoor plants are known to purify the air of toxins, reduce airborne dust particles and positively affect our mood. Living in a space that is decorated with plants can help make us more creative, productive and attentive. 

Depending on the style of your home, there are different ways in which you can incorporate plants in your decor. FTD created five mood boards for different rooms and interior design styles to spark your inspiration and help you find out how to plant some peace in your home. Whether you can only fit a few succulents on a shelf or have enough space to add a variety of large indoor plants, every bit of greenery will transform your home and bring you one step closer to your personal oasis. 

If you live in a large industrial loft, the key is to decorate with large indoor plants or elevated planters. Chances are your apartment has some exposed brick walls. Place a yucca or swiss cheese plant in front of a brick wall and you’ll immediately feel the liveliness it adds to your space. You can add even more depth by choosing different materials for your planters like concrete, wood or metal. 

The perfect plants for maximalist spaces are tall cacti like Euphorbia ingens or fiddle leaf figs that can reach up to six feet indoors. Both of these plants are not the easiest to maintain but fit beautifully in large, colorful spaces. If your design style is already very loud don’t be afraid to add large plants that emphasize your extravagant taste!

For farmhouse style homes, olive trees are great additions to hallways or living spaces. Though they are unlikely to bear fruit inside, they add a romantic, old-world feel to your space that you’ll fall in love with. If you want to add a more tropical plant to mix things up, an areca palm will work perfectly. Generously water this plant and place it in a sunny spot so it can grow up to eight feet tall.

Decorating a home office can be a tricky undertaking. You want to add a personal touch and a level of comfort that boosts productivity but doesn’t distract you from your work. Snake plants are perfect for office spaces as they don’t require a lot of attention but are known to suck toxins like benzene or formaldehyde out of the air. Good air quality is crucial in spaces that demand your focus which is why you should consider putting greenery in your home office.

A bohemian home is defined by its natural decor elements. Plants like the umbrella tree can reach the ceiling if they’re well cared for and look amazing next to bookshelves or in corners. If you’re an absolute plant lover, you can place a variety of plants close together. This can transform your space into a little bungalow and easily become the coziest spot in your home.

Scandinavian spaces are defined by their neutral color palettes as well as unfinished wood and stone elements. Incorporating rubber plants or money trees in this design style can tie rooms together that looked empty and cold before. Money trees are further said to bring financial prosperity upon their owners. Whether you believe in this or not, they are a great addition to your home.

Regardless of your design style, gardening ability or personal taste in plants, there are plenty of options to add greenery to your home. Caring for and seeing your plants grow can be incredibly rewarding while also giving your home a natural touch that will ease your mind and boost your mood every day.