How To Correctly Incorporate Color Into Your Home

It can be nice to have neutral spaces but there’s something to be said for having color in your home. If you’ve kept a pretty neutral palette up until now, you might not know how to correctly incorporate color into your home. The good news is that it’s super easy to bring some additional hues into your house, whether it’s by painting walls or purchasing items that will make a colorful impact. These tips can help bring some color back into your home–and your life. 

Pack On The Pillows

Looking to add some color without the commitment? Throw pillows are an excellent way to include color without it being too much. The best part: you can add as many (or as few) pillows as you’d like, so that you can get used to the color in your home. You might even decide that you’d like to paint your wall that color, too. 

Look to the Floor

Often, the floor in your home can get overlooked. But the floor is a great place to bring color into your room without being overpowering. Look for a rug that not only has a complementary color to your walls and pre-existing decor, but that also has some visual interest in the form of texture, too. And if you have a neutral room, a colorful rug can really add a fantastic finishing touch. 

Incorporate Colorful Art

The art that you use is almost like makeup for your face. It can quickly take a room from neutral to vibrant. After all, art is a means for expression, and if you find the right pieces, it can really make your space. Be aware of the proportions of the art, and how it relates to your room so that it complements (and doesn’t compete with) the rest of the items in the space.

Designed by Sasha Bikoff. Photography by Nicole Cohen.

Add Accessories

Accessories can be ideal when you’re thinking about updating a room’s aesthetic. Look for items that hold some meaning to you, are beautiful, and colorful, too! Try to match items in the same color scheme so that it doesn’t conflict with the rest of your decor. 

Let the Outside In

There’s nothing as quick (or as easy) as adding some plants to your room to give it instant life. Pick out plants that are not only attractive, but will work with your plant prowess (or, um, lack thereof). Not only will plants beautify the space, but they will also help clean the air, and bring some zen into the room. 

If adding color to your space is slightly outside of your comfort zone, start slowly. The tips above can make your room colorful, vibrant, and allow you to realize that color can truly complement your lifestyle.