Bedroom Decor Ideas You Can Do Today

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but really, the bedroom runs a close second. But if walking into your bedroom makes you want to walk right back out, your space might need some sprucing up. These 10 bedroom decor ideas can be done today and make your room look amazing, too.

Pick A Theme

Every room in your house should have a certain vibe, and your bedroom is certainly no exception. When deciding what type of theme your bedroom should have, consider how you want to feel when you walk into the space. Do you want to feel calm and relaxed, or do you want to feel happy and airy? Based on the mood you want to create, you can then start picking out furnishings that match the mood you want to create and eliminate everything else that might not work. 

Hang Some New Curtains

The windows are the eyes to the room, so dress them up with curtains that complement your bedroom. You can play with height for a more dramatic look, and even choose fabrics that match the seasons. For example, you might decide to hang sheers during the summertime in order to let all that glorious light in or hang thermal curtains in the winter to provide added insulation. 

Hang Amazing Artwork

Whether it’s a painting or a photo, displaying artwork in your bedroom is an easy way to elevate it to the next level. You might decide to showcase one large piece of artwork, or you may opt to display a group of similar photos or paintings. Just make sure that the art matches with the rest of your decor for a more cohesive look. 

Paint the Walls

It’s almost miraculous what a fresh coat of paint can do to your space. It can completely transform the vibe of your bedroom, taking it from cool and calm, to exciting in no time. Think about what colors would work in your bedroom and then get samples to paint on the wall so you can see what the shade will look like at all different times of day and night. 

Add Some Texture

Adding texture to your bedroom can give your space some much-needed visual interest. So, play with patterns and texture to make your bedroom even more beautiful than it already is. You can bring in various pillows and place them on your bed and add a beautiful throw to your bed. It will make your bed look warm, cozy, and sophisticated. 

Display Fresh Flowers

A fast and easy way to make your bedroom look beautiful is by adding some fresh flowers. Choose a gorgeous vase and pick some peonies or other fabulous flowers. It will add a natural (and pretty) element to your bedroom. If you’ve got a green thumb, you can also bring in a plant, too. Not only will it look pretty, but it can purify the air in your bedroom. 

Place a Rug on the Floor

There’s nothing like stepping out of your warm cozy bed and putting your feet down on a cold, hard floor. Cushion the blow of having to get up and out of bed each morning with a beautiful bedroom rug that’s there to welcome your feet (and you) to the day ahead. 

Showcase Your Stuff

Chances are you have a collection of knick knacks or darling doodads that you love. So why not display them in your home? Curate your collection of favorite things (it might be some old books or family heirlooms) and showcase them on your nightstand or dresser. That way, you get to see them every day, but they’ll be displayed in a more thoughtful way. 

Invest in a Mirror

Every bedroom should have a good mirror so that you can see yourself before you walk out the door. But why should you pick one that’s cheap and flimsy? A full-length mirror truly is an everyday item that you’ll use, so be sure to invest in a gorgeous one that can act as a statement piece for your bedroom. 

Look to The Lighting

If your overhead lighting could use a pick-me-up, why not pick a chandelier? It’s sumptuous, sensational, and adds just enough drama that your bedroom might need. Just be sure to measure your space ahead of time so that your chandelier doesn’t overwhelm your bedroom. 

Having a beautiful bedroom doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or money. You can pull off any one of these tips easily, and soon you’ll set the stage for sweet dreams.