How To Extend Summer with Seasonal Outdoor Décor

By Ellen Gefen

Fall is here, which means that the leaves are turning glorious golden yellow, orange, and red. If you’re like me, you really enjoy being outdoors to enjoy the beauty of autumn. But as soon as the temperature drops a few degrees in the fall, you might find yourself shivering and heading back inside. Thing is, you don’t have to hibernate so early in the season. There are ways to extend summer with the right seasonal outdoor décor!

You don’t have to abandon your outdoor space simply because it’s not 75 degrees and sunny outside. You should look for ways to use your outdoor space (whether it’s a porch, patio, sun room, backyard, or deck) for as long as you can before the weather becomes too tough to bear. That’s where adopting a few easy changes will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces for a few more months. You might find yourself entertaining more in the fall, or simply sitting with your special someone enjoying a warm beverage after an afternoon spent raking leaves. In fact, you’ll come to appreciate your outdoor space even more during the fall!

Have Heating Options

The main reason why people ditch the outdoors come fall is because, well, it’s chillier. So, combat the cold by having heating options that will warm up your space—literally. Invest in a chiminea, outdoor fireplace, or even a patio heater. You’ll feel all toasty and warm being snuggled together, and it will make those cool, crisp fall nights something to look forward to.

Find Fall Fabrics

Just as you might opt for flannel bed sheets in the fall, you should dress up your outdoor furniture with the same sentiment. You can use slipcovers made from wool, felt, or heavy cotton for your outdoor items. Then, take it a step further and choose fabrics that look and feel autumnal – they’ll be warmer to sit on and they’ll look seasonally appropriate. Plus, they’ll make your space feel that much more inviting.

Snuggle Up with Some Throws

Throws are not only a great design item—adding texture and visual interest to furniture—but they are great for warming you up, too. So choose some throws for your outdoor furniture, like sofas, chairs, loveseats, or even swings. Mix and match them to create a dazzling space for you and your guests. Remember that you won’t have to bundle up as much if you’re snuggling under a warm blanket.

Opt for Outdoor Lighting

One of the downfalls of fall is that it gets dark—fast. That’s why you’ll need to invest in some lighting to keep things warm and bright in your outdoor seating area. Choose weatherproof outdoor lighting, which will be able to withstand the rain and cold. As it starts to get dark earlier, you’ll really appreciate it!

Do Some Decorating

Unlike summer, when your plants are lush, green, and blooming all the time, fall can cause them to wither and fade away. That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate, though. Remove any dead plants from your landscape and enhance your outdoor décor with seasonal displays made of things like apples, branches, and leaves. Pumpkins and other gourds are also a super easy (and very attractive) way of decorating that is sure to make your space even more beautiful.

Keep Candles Outside

Nothing beats the flickering flame of a candle on a cool autumn evening. So set candles in seasonally appropriate colors, and use ones that have scents that celebrate the season (think pumpkin, apple, cinnamon scents). You can also set the table with autumnal fabric tablecloths and place mats.

Just because you’ve said goodbye to summer doesn’t mean that you need to kiss your outdoor space goodbye until spring. Look for ways to incorporate the season’s best and it’ll make your living space last a lot longer—and be more beautiful, too.