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Guest Blog: Decorating a Small Space

As with big spaces, it is just as essential to decorate small spaces with items you love. While this may seem more challenging in a small space, by using a few basic tricks you can decorate a room that is completely yours and entirely functional. The ultimate goal is to make the room both lovely and purposeful at its current size, rather than turn it into an office/ storage/ what-else-can-I-fit-in-here room.

First things first, go lightly! When choosing wall color for a small living space always, always select a light palette. Using a bold color on the wall will make the room appear even more undersized. Alternatively, a lighter color will bring light into the space and make the entire room feel more airy. Save the bold colors for the throw pillows, pictures, and accessories. If your favorite color is red, paint the walls a soft color and opt for the red table lamp you’ve been eyeing at your local home décor store.

Another trick to adding space to a small room is to use the lighting to your advantage. Any room will appear larger with the right type of lighting (and also the reason lighter walls are so beneficial!). If a small space has a source of natural light, take advantage of it by using neutral colored sheer curtains or roman shades. If natural light is limited or nonexistent, it is imperative that you find and incorporate a mixture of fantastic table lamps and overhead lights.

Next, it is essential to use organizational tools to help you utilize the footage available. Start by choosing furniture that serves dual or multiple purposes. For example, in a small living room a trunk or woven basket with lids may double as a coffee table, allowing you to stow away items such as blankets and magazines that would otherwise clutter the room. Be clever with your furniture—you will realize that many pieces you already own can serve multiple functionalities. A chest with drawers may be your new media cabinet with ample storage.

Finally, put your stamp on a small space by paying attention to the details. Use a small space to draw a focus to collectibles. Shelves, glass topped cabinets, and picture frames can be used to showcase your favorite items, like old photographs, seashells from your family trip to the beach, and even child hood keepsakes are more significant in a small space. With these special details, your space will echo who you are and how your guests perceive you.

In the end, it isn’t about a small space; it’s about your space, perfected.

Mary Beth Carter is a graduate from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Liberal Arts. She currently lives in Charlotte, NC and works at Pottery Barn assisting with visuals and bridal registries. She is a fan of SEC football, cooking, and taking walks with her lovingly spontaneous Brittany spaniel, Annie.


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