Mind The Gap Ignites Imagination with Bold Wallpaper Colors and Patterns

Looking to make a bold statement with wallpaper or fabric that expresses your personality and makes you feel alive? Then take a look at the contemporary Romanian wallpaper and fabric company Mind The Gap, who showed their complete line of designs for the first time at High Point Market in North Carolina.

Many people are visiting their showroom at Wesley Hall and saying the same thing that we did. Wow. It is so different. It is imaginative. We had the pleasure of speaking with them and were surprised to learn that Mind The Gap is based in Transylvania, Romania. 

Bold Patterns Make Bold Statements at the High Point Market

Big bold patterns make people say 'Wow' by Mind The Gap brand wallpaper company from Romania

People are saying, ‘wow,’ when they see these big, bold, playful fabrics and wall coverings. The explosion of color and patterns inspired by Austrian, Italian, and American influences is invigorating, like nothing we’ve come across before.

Their collections are a feast for the eyes. From the Woodstock era-inspired designs to the vibrant, cultural Tyrol collection which pays homage to the Alpine region with its brightly-colored European decor, there’s something to catch your eye everywhere.

Mind The Gap is Turning Heads in Music-Rich Communities

Mind The Gap's Minnie Kemp wallpaper collection features guitars and music themes

Musical influences take center stage in the Minnie Kemp collection, which features guitars and even an Elvis impersonator. This collection comes in pinks, oranges and blues. They are certainly not afraid of color! Designers are loving this look and the color expansions of previous collections. 

Mind The Gap’s patterns are popular in the music-rich regions of Tennessee, from Johnson City, home of Bluegrass, to Memphis, home of the Blues, and Nashville. They even make a Foo Dog dragon pattern, for an added exotic look. Recognizing the need to introduce their brand to a wider audience, Mind The Gap is now expanding in the US, bringing their Transylvanian heritage and love of craftsmanship to more people. 

Imaginative Contemporary art wallpaper by Mind The Gap inspired by Romanian heritage

If you’re seeking to enliven your home with bold, contemporary designs and patterns, Mind The Gap’s detail-rich, unique products are the perfect choice. There’s certainly no limit to the imagination with this premium home furnishings line. 

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