Best Interior Design Details that Make the Difference

By Ellen Gefen

Sometimes it’s not the big design elements (like a new sofa or table) that pack the biggest punch. Often, it’s the interior design details that make the difference. For example, when I put new countertops in our kitchen, I asked that the marble be honed not just on the top-most surfaces, but under the lip that juts out over the cabinets below, too. People didn’t understand why, but the answer is simple: when I grip the countertop it feels smooth underneath, not just on top.

Here’s another example. We’re redoing a bathroom right now. It’s got a modern look, but instead of having cabinets that descend straight to the floor as is customary, I’ve asked that the contractor leave toe space under the bottom edge. That way, my feet have a place to go when I’m leaning up against the counter. Plus, it also gives me some much-needed storage space, which is something everyone can relate to.

The point is, when you’re remodeling or even redecorating, think about the details that might not be noticeable at first. Once combined, though, all this attention to detail cannot just give you a good feeling inside, but contribute to the overall design of your space, too. If you’re not sure where to start, these 7 interior design details just might make a world of difference in your room.

Decorative Finials for Lamps

Your lamps might look lovely in your living room, but they could be even better. How? With finials. Much like their name implies, finials are that finishing touch that lamps can use to make their appearance pop even more. They come in almost every style and color, which means you probably won’t have a problem finding one that matches your design or adds a personal touch. I found a finial with an old key and another with a small gear and I love them! Place a new one on top of your lamp and you’ll see what I mean.

Dedicated Displays

Sure, you have that collection of teacups, but if it’s stuck in a closed cabinet, no one is going to see them. Find an area that would work well to display your collection and take your pieces out of storage. From art to model cars to plates, you’ll love looking at the items that are meaningful to you…and your guests will, too.

Higher (Or Lower) Than Normal Countertops and Toilet Seats

It might not be something you think about but having a countertop that is the right height (or even higher or lower) can make a world of difference in your day. For example, I used to fold clothes on my bed, and since it is lower, I would find that my back was breaking after finishing each basket. When I made the switch to folding on my kitchen counter (which is much higher), I automatically felt happier…and folding felt like less of a chore. The same can also be said of a toilet; getting one at the right height can be a total gamechanger.

Top-Of-The-Line Bed Linens

It’s estimated that we spend one-third of our lives in our bed. So why not make your bed as comfy (and gorgeous) as it can be? Invest in high-quality sheets and comforters that will make you crave your bed after a long day. By investing in quality linens, you’ll ensure that they have a longer lifespan than if you choose just based on price. I love my 600+ thread count and my guests always complement our sheets and feather pillows!

Upgraded Light Switches

A switch plate might seem like a silly thing to invest in, but it can make a world of difference in your room. Believe it or not, your guests’ eye will wander over to the switch plate on the wall, and if it’s of a cheap plastic variety, it defeats the design of the room. There are many switch covers that are both beautiful and affordable, so look around to see which ones fit the decor of your space. It’s a great finishing touch!  

Closet and Drawer Organizers

While it’s not technically a design element that your guests are going to ooh and aah over, having a space that functions well can make you very happy. Whether it’s a catch-all in the kitchen or a closet that is bursting with clutter, look for organizers that will keep the spaces in your home neat and organized. Not only will it add to the functionality of the space, but it will also allow you to determine what you want to keep–and what you should toss. 

Custom Window Treatments

They say that windows are the eyes to a home. That’s why you should make sure that you dress up those eyes to match the rest of the decor in your space. While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing curtains or blinds that you find in a store, you might want to spend just a little bit more and splurge on some sensational window treatments. They will make your design pop and make your room feel like it’s truly finished.

You’ve spent time, energy (and yes, money) creating a space you love. That’s why you should make sure that you also invest in the smallest details in your home. They’ll go a long way towards making your home even more beautiful.