How to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

By Jennifer Parris

When the temperature gets warmer, you might switch your focus from interior to exterior design. And what greater inspiration could you need than the Great Outdoors? But if you thought that you wouldn’t need to add additional color to your outdoor space, think again. While nature is full of vibrant and beautiful color choices, there’s nothing wrong with adding some extra color to your outdoor furnishings. Here’s how. 

Add Some Artwork

Art isn’t exclusively for the walls in your home. In fact, you can find weather-proof art that you want to display outside. You might opt for pretty pottery, mosaic tiled designs, or even paintings that have been prepped for outdoor use. 

Use A Rug

Area rugs are great for tying together a space. But they can also be used as a way to bring some more color to your outdoor living. Look for a rug that works with your furniture and can withstand some wear and tear from being outside. 

Focus On Furniture

Of course, the best way to bring color to your outdoor space is by selecting furniture that is beautiful and brightly-colored. After all, many people think that outdoor seating has to be grey or brown, but that’s not the case at all. Depending on the material, you might even be able to paint it to make it even more eye catching.. 

Pretty Planters

Move over, terra cotta planters. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add color, one of the best options is to pick planters that have pops of color. Make sure that the color matches the overall design of your outdoor living space so that it creates a cohesive look. Plus, depending on the plants you pick, you might attract some beautiful butterflies or bees that will bring a natural element to your design.

Festive Florals

If you want to have natural color brightening up  your outdoor space, purchase some plants that have fabulous flowers. Make sure to display them at varying heights (think hanging plants as well as those that are on the ground). That way, you’ll have color at every level. 

Bringing color to your outdoor living space isn’t difficult at all–or even budget-breaking. Just take some inspiration from Mother Nature and add pops of color here and there to create a colorful outdoor space that will feel full of color.  

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