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TV and Movie Trends Inspire Home Décor

One of my favorite things about Sex & the City is how the costumes designed for each of the four friends expresses her unique attractiveness and traits. Our homes should be the same, reflecting our own distinct personalities and interests. One of the best ways you can give your home personality is to use color – on your walls, in upholstery, and in accents like candles and artwork.

Your favorite movie and tv show sets are a great place to look for ideas that will help you explore and embrace color. Watch an episode of Will & Grace, Lipstick Jungle, or Desperate Housewives. If you’re paying attention, you’ll find inspiration.

Let me give you a personal example: Several years ago, I saw a turquoise ultrasuede sofa in a movie. I couldn’t afford it and didn’t need it; much less could I justify to my family why I was so fascinated with it.

I’m sure you’ve had your own “love it, but can’t afford it” or “love it, but I don’t think I can pull it off” moment. I wanted that sofa, and I had the guts, but I didn’t have the funds or the family buy-in.

So I took a few baby steps. Love the color turquoise? Buy a few turquoise throw pillows and work them into your décor. Choose turquoise-colored dinner plates, or beautiful turquoise candles.

Almost no change you make is permanent – don’t be afraid to paint a room, add some colorful accessories, or borrow a unique idea from a movie set.

Be bold…you don’t need anyone’s permission to experiment!

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