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Trend Alert: Ombre

Lately, I’m seeing a lot of ombre, which is colors flowing from light to dark in the same palette.  It’s an interesting change from the monochromatic looks of just pops of color.  I’ve seen this in the home before, but I think it’s making an interesting comeback in many different areas and mediums, from hair to nails to wedding decor, fabrics, furniture, shoes…will we see it as a big comeback in the home?

Handmade-Decorative-Ombre-Chandelier-by-Adaura Jimmy Choo Ombre Ombre DIY Chairs Ombre_hair_02 ombre-maxi-dress Ombre-Nail-Trend Table_Napkin tumblr_md04xek7sz1rarc6jo1_400 Wedding Cake

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