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Regular Washing Machine Care

Question: Lately I’ve noticed a musty smell in my washing machine. Aside from washing clothes as normal, are there any special cleaning considerations for my machine?

Answer: Most people assume that a washing machine is pretty self sufficient when it comes to cleaning. You are, after all, washing clothing in it constantly.

However, over time, dirt and soil can leave deposits in the basin, pumps and hoses. Worse yet, mold and mildew from detergents, fabric softeners and dirt and grime can collect and then get transferred to your clothing.

Washing Machine Cleaning Instructions

To minimize the build up (or to clean a machine that’s been sitting idle for a few months), clean the machine every 6 months.

1. First, run a cycle of hot water to the highest washing level.

2. Once the basin is full add 3 cups of vinegar and a ½ cup of baking soda. The solution will help dissolve mold, mildew and mineral deposits.

3. Remove any receptacles or removable dispensers and soak them in hot water and dish detergent for 15 minutes. Rinse then replace.

4. Using your favorite household cleaner wipe down the entire machine, paying careful attention to the inside of the basin and under the lid.

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