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Quick Tip: Waterproofing Your Gadgets

Phones don’t swim, and if your favorite electronic device takes a dive, with Aquapac, it won’t be ruined.

Aquapacs are completely waterproof and surprisingly functional.

Accidents happen: your smartphone slips out of your hand and lands in a puddle, or your child drops it into the bathtub. With Aquapac, you don’t even have to remove your devices to use them. You can talk on the phone, change the music or even take pictures while your device is in its protective case. And the cases float, so if the Aquapac that’s holding your keys, money and passport winds up in the lake, it will float on the surface until you can fish it out. (Note: Not every device stays afloat in its waterproof Aquapac, so you’ll want to test it first in a bucket of water at home).

Aquapacs are available for cameras, phones, iPods, and more.

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