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Quick Tip: Stop the Ants from Marching

It’s definitely unnerving to see a line of ants marching across the kitchen floor. But you don’t need to hire an expensive professional exterminator or spray toxic chemicals to banish nuisance ants from your home.

Mix a teaspoon of liquid soap and water in a quart-size spray bottle and spray areas where the ants are active. This will drown the ants and destroy the chemical trails left by worker ants so it will prevent more ants from invading your home. Vinegar and water should also do the trick.

The Natural Resource Defense Council recommends making your own ant traps from a mixture of borax, sugar, and water. Be careful with these if you have young children or pets because it’s not safe to ingest. Ants can’t digest cornmeal properly so that’s another way to get rid of them – sprinkle it around holes or ant trails.

If all else fails and you decide to go for pesticides, use baits in closed cases instead of sprays.

(From Yahoo! Green. Click here for more from this article.)

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