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Host a Décor Swap to Revitalize Your Home

I keep hearing about people who do “purse swap” or “jewelry swap” parties, and it’s got me thinking: Why not have a home décor swapping party? We all have accessories and decorations that are in good condition stored in our attics, under our beds, and in our closets.

Here are a few things that I think could easily be swapped among friends:

  • Small rugs
  • Decorative shower curtains
  • Candlesticks and unused candles
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Artwork
  • Lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Garden art

I do think you’d have to have some guidelines for the swap:

  • Everything people bring to swap should be in “like new” or “almost new” condition. No junk.
  • A “life happens” rule is probably a good idea. Tell your guests not to bring any irreplaceable item that has deep sentimental value for them. Anything that’s swapped might get broken, lost, or soiled in its new home.
  • What if everyone wants the same mirror or throw pillow? A lottery (drawing names out of a hat) could be a good way to handle these conflicts gracefully and impartially.

Are these swaps going to be permanent trades, or loans for a period of time? If you’re not trading items, be sure to instruct people to mark their possessions in an unobtrusive way. And go ahead and establish a follow-up date by which items should be returned to their original owners.

I think this would be a great way to get new perspective on your home and revitalize your favorite spaces. In fact, I may try it myself sometime after this spring’s Furniture Market!

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