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Guest Blog: Furniture Hire

When it comes to making homes greener, many people think of installing eco-friendly appliances and cutting down on energy expenditures, but rarely do people think of the actual furnishings in the home. There are many ways to furnish a home in an environmentally friendly way. One excellent way to do this is to rent furniture instead of buying it. Furniture hire is actually much more environmentally friendly than alternative methods of home furnishing for a number of reasons.

Refurbished and Reused Furniture

How many times have you bought a large item of furniture, only to throw it out a few years down the road because it did not suit your tastes anymore, or because it was simply old? People around the world do this on a daily basis, and the result is an excess of waste that ends up clogging up landfills and polluting the streets. Furniture hire companies make the most out of each piece of furniture. A good rental company will conveniently pick up any unwanted items from your space, and repair and refurbish that item so they can be used again for the next renter. The longer the item is in circulation, the less time it will spend in the dump.

Sustainable Furniture

Many furniture hire companies source items from sustainable and responsible sources. This means opting for pieces that are made from materials that are recycled or easily replenished, such as bamboo. Furniture rentals are generally made from durable materials so they will last longer and spend less time in the landfills. In addition, when renting furniture you can choose brands from companies that manufacture the furniture responsibly, with a focus on low waste and energy efficient production methods. Finally, many furniture rental companies source furniture from local sources, minimizing the need to ship the furniture long distances. This cuts down on the carbon footprint of the pieces.

Clearly there are many reasons why renting furniture is less likely to harm the environment than purchasing new furniture. Rented furniture is reused, so it produces less waste. In addition, furniture hire companies cut down on pollutants by delivering items in local areas and sourcing out sustainable pieces from responsible manufacturers. If you are looking for a way to furnish a home in an environmentally friendly way, furniture hire is logical option.

Dan Hart writes on behalf of Bradbeers Furniture Rentals – specialist providers of quality home and office rental furniture all over the UK. For more information on furniture rentals, you can visit the Bradbeers Furniture Hire website.

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