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Fabrics at Showtime Get “Graphic:” A Look at Our Favorites

At this year’s Showtime (International Textile Market Association) in High Point, we saw great new designs and spotted a few new trends as well!  Fabric buyers have a great time at this market, and their creative juices start flowing when they see the great patterns, materials and fabrics.

Digital printing is becoming even more important these days, allowing for incredibly diverse designs, and Blue Moon Print Works debuted Mike Farrell’s Once In A Blue Moon collection.  With designs named “Find the Bomb,” “Everybody’s Gone,” “Play it Again,” and “Watcha Thinkin’,” Mike put his signature on the designs and gave each fabric a story.  I overheard that a well-known designer wants to have Mike’s “Find the Bomb” fabric, a fun design made out of airport security x-rays, made into a piece of clothing that she could wear through airport security for a good laugh!

Another designer spotted a hot pink and grey fleur de leis fabric that she immediately stated was going to upholster a couch.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Texture Fabric Associates (TFA) debuted a beautiful tie-dye wash fabric, and Home Accent Fabrics also displayed a gorgeous watercolor inspired design.  Delicate washes and bold colors look to be popular trends coming to retailers and showrooms.

Liora Manne used bright, energizing colors and circular shapes for some of their new designs.  I loved the fused glass design seen in the patterns…it’s modern and fun.

I also saw a lot of metallic, with flecks of silver, gold and bronze in fabrics.  I think you’ll be seeing this a lot more for fabrics in the home!  Other hot designs were embroidered florals and deep sea life, which were intricate in detail, as well as celebratory designs reminiscent of fireworks on the fourth of July.

I’m excited to see how these fabrics will be used by designers and manufacturers!

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