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VIDEO: Duralee’s John Robshaw Fabric Collection

Allison Ruddick of Duralee was very excited to introduce the new John Robshaw Fabric Collection by Duralee at the Bloggers Conference in LA this February.

Duralee held off on announcing the partnership between Robshaw and Duralee because they had such great response last year at the Design Bloggers Conference, and they know that this year’s Blogger Conference would be a perfect place to make the announcement. Duralee is bringing John Robshaw’s look to a broader audience. He has a distinctive style, fantastic fabrics, and a handmade look that could demand a higher price point, but Duralee is taking John’s look and bringing it to a bigger audience at just the right price point.

John used the colors of saris from India, implementing pinks and vibrant oranges, all the way to the deep indigos. This was essentially why John originally went to India; he wanted to find this pigment for his own artwork. He fell in love with colors and India, so he stuck around and decided to create fabrics with the inspirations he saw there.

Everyone in design is aware that grey is a huge neutral right now. So Duralee and Robshaw had to represent it, and represent it well with beautiful prints like paisley print. This has been a huge hit for Duralee, especially at the conference during its debut. Quilting was especially popular. Woven fabrics were very new for John, so with his first woven collection Duralee brought in the chain stitch embroidery, which was a signature for John.

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