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VIDEO: Double Duty & Organization Pieces

Our homes are cluttered and time feels compressed in our increasingly busy lives.

Staying organized has never been so difficult…or so important. Thankfully, there’s an array of new furniture that’s packed with high style and smart features that will help you fight chaos in your home. If you’re furniture shopping today, you’ll be amazed at how many televisions and computers are hidden behind closed doors.

You can tame your computer’s wires, stow your printer, or plug-and-play your I-pod through hidden speakers in a home office or entertainment unit.

Your coffee table can be transformed into a convertible home office. We loved this “family communication center,” which promises to store and charge every cell phone and laptop for your entire family in a compact unit.

But electronics aren’t all you need help organizing, right? From a kitchen armoire that serves as a coffee bar complete with microwave and mini fridge, to a fully-wired but totally invisible home office, to a bathroom storage unit turned jewelry box turned ironing board, there’s an innovative and fashion-forward storage solution for every problem area in your home.

Functional, stylish furniture that will help you de-clutter your spaces is out there in every look available – your imagination is the limit. Go exploring…you’re guaranteed to find a variety of smart new pieces that will reduce clutter so you can spend more time on the things that matter most.

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