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Creative Sisal Rug Rehab Idea

Question: I have a sisal rug that is covered in stains! Is there anything I can do to salvage it?

Answer: Don’t toss your stained and tattered natural fiber rugs. Instead, turn them into works of art!

First, put down a drop cloth and roll out your rug. Prime with a base color of latex paint (an 8×10 rug will require almost 2 gallons for good coverage). Use a long-napped roller to get ample coverage (1/2” or more). Let dry. Then, decorate your canvas.

Some design ideas:

Stripes: Using painters tape, create stripes in your rug, paint, let dry and then remove the tape.

Fabric Inspired: Use your favorite fabric in the room as an inspiration. With your fabric as a guide, pencil out a design on the canvas. Then, complete the look with paint!

Bold Floral Pattern: Use a pencil to outline your design then create your masterpiece.

Make sure to let your masterpiece dry for at least 48 hours before bringing it into your room!

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